CIA as Dis-Information

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
— CIA Director William Casey

What a great guy to have running your “Intelligence” agency.
By the way, anyone who says this quote is made up, or urban legend, it is not. It was written down by Casey’s own secretary in a high-level private meeting.


  1. CIA as Dis-Information
    Before it became the CIA it was called the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services. It was headed by William Donovan who hired emigres from Germany during WW2 to come up with a strategy to attack an enemy. He hired academics from the Frankfurt School to weaponize cultural Marxism and Postmodernism to break the will of an enemy. Ted Kazinsky was a student at Harvard where he was used in an experiment to study the effects of psychological trauma. They failed to break him and he went on to graduate. He moved to California to teach as a professor and decided to leave for the woods. In his manifesto, he talks about the corrupting influence of neo-liberalism that he witnessed in his college years. He warned America that it was heading on a path where subversion was going to spread in every area of our lives. It turns out his prediction was totally correct. Even so he suffered a breakdown where he planted explosives and became infamously known as the Unabomber.

    • Well done.

      I only recalled the Frankfurt School from studying economics years ago, and would have to refresh my memory on that even. I just went over and grabbed a book off the shelf, “The Leipzig Connection” (Basics in Education) to see if it got as far as the Frankfurt School. It does not appear to have addressed that.

      I am also curious how this dovetails with stuff done at or through the Tavistock Institute.

      Please email me what kind of stuff you want to write about here.

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