Brave New World – Revisited

For our readers in Canada (or elsewhere that this book has now entered the public domain) I have provided a PDF copy of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World Revisited in the ebooks archive.

I already own a copy in paperback, as well as on Kindle, and was able to reread it again recently. Published in 1958, I was impressed by its prescience. Was Huxley foreseeing the future or laying a road map? At only a little over 50 pages it is a quick read. Those confused about the seeming chaos in the world today may find strange comfort in knowing that this was all preordained.

Brave New World – Revisited

Note that this work is presently in the Public Domain in Canada, but not in the United States due to copyright laws that ensure corporations will be able to perpetually milk the public for generations. If the book is under copyright in your country, do not download or redistribute this file.

Celebrate Public Domain Day… By Realizing That Not A Single Published Work Will Become Public Domain Until 2019 – Consumerist

You may of course purchase a copy from Amazon or look for it at your local used bookstore.

Here is the book online at Gutenberg CanadaBrave New World Re-visited


  1. White America

    The European countries have been breeding self-destructive mutated genes through decades of social engineering, i.e. cultural Marxism, and are pursuing policies that will bring about their extinction. After WW2, America allowed Communist Jews to immigrate from Russia and Europe to seek refuge in our country where they did the infamous long walk through the institutions. They took over OUR media, schools, universities, medical, government, and corporations. It’s like someone walking in your house and claiming it’s theirs while saying you can sleep outside under the condition that you obey the new head of house which is the intruder. That’s the analogy to our situation. We are nothing more than low IQ, dumb lemmings sabotaging our own future for the benefit of the Communists, Jews, and POC.

    We need to establish a hierarchy of concerns. The European race is our ancestral people. Inside that class of people, we have different ethnicities with their unique customs and traits. For instance, the Germans are known for their engineering skills. If we are not one body, what are we? We are divided sheep for the slaughter. The predators in the jungle will pick us off one by one. If we are one body we can defend ourselves from them and thrive in our habitats. Europeans should be for Europeans first and everybody else second. It was a mistake to be a multicultural nation. We are no longer united but divided to our detriment. Power is given to people who are united and are one body, soul, and spirit. American Europeans have sold their people out for the Jews and people of color. We did this because we are indoctrinated and following the law of physics, so wherever the money flows we follow.

    This is a rant and a sobering revelation of our gloomy reality. But ignorance is bliss and we will subscribe to cognitive dissonance and bury our heads in the sand while continuing to enjoy our Starbucks lattes and cheap items purchased from the mall. That’s what we will do because we choose to live rather than thrive. And you can’t thrive if you can’t live free. We continue to choose security over freedom. Benjamin Franklin was right(HOW SHOCKING!) about people who choose security over freedom deserve neither. But let’s turn on CNN again and listen to what our wise elders have to say to steer us in the right direction. We can see our country is doing so well. Trump is making America great again by keeping the GDP high and the unemployment of hispanics and blacks low. Go MAGA! Make Israel Great Again!

  2. The irony with Trump’s supposed GREAT economic numbers is that he took the same phony numbers used by previous administrations and merely made THOSE numbers look great. Not hard to do with any real growth. If they were still using economic reporting metrics from 30-40 years ago we would see a much more true story.

    I didn’t fully understand what was happening at the time, but when Rubin became Secretary of the Treasury under Clinton, and informed/persuaded the President that the U.S. would proceed to become a “financial” economy instead of a manufacturing economy, the fate of the next few generations was sealed. Instead of Producers, we would become Consumers, Manipulators, Illusionists… Parasites.

    I did a post recently on Kol Nidre that you would almost certainly find of interest.

    I also did another post that touched on CRISPR gene technology and the germline. Places we were never supposed to go. Nature was always there to clean up the messes science created. Now science will run amok, bound by little or nothing at all.

    Totally agree with the Diversity Delusion that now permeates the culture. Am in the process of listening to Heather MacDonald’s book by that name on audio.

    A final note, you could sign up to post to the Activity stream here any time you chose to, or create your own Forums as well. I hope you will look at doing that. I always enjoy seeing your comments here as well as your feedback.


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