The Nature of “News” Today

An excellent interview by Sean at SGT Report. His guests are Donald Jeffries and John Barbour. Those who are skeptical about what is called “news” today may especially appreciate this one. Just one example is the El Paso shooting being accidentally reported before it even happened.

High Strangeness & Epstein

49:03 – SGT Report

Keeping It Unreal | The Blog of Author Donald Jeffries

John Barbour’s World

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  1. “You guys are better than me if you can watch any live coverage of news. I really can’t do it. I kind of gave up that a long time ago.”
    — Donald Jeffries

    I just listened to a good part of this again. This was a good interview. And yet in the intervening months the so-called news has gotten only more fantastic and absurd, and the public just eats it up.

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