Beyond Bizarro World – Scene 2

Headline: Salon Forced to Close After Refusing to Wax Transgender Woman’s Male Genitalia

No, I am not making this up. Author Tom Clancy once said that the difference between fiction and reality is that fiction had to make sense. And here we are.

From “bake my cake” to “wax my balls” — that didn’t take long!

The woman who owned and operated this small salon provided waxing services for women only. REAL women. She refused to wax testicles and pretend that they were vulva. For this she was SUED. No bullshit.

When you have an entire group of people forcing NON-sense on you and pretending that it is normal, remember that it is THEM that is messed up, not you. These are the same people who are telling your children that eating poop is cool. This used to be called cognitive dissonance, although the whack-jobs who run this asylum are doing their feverish best to rewrite the definitions to everything, just like Winston Smith at the Ministry of Truth. They want you to no longer be able to make sense of anything at all.

It is important to stand up and call this BULLSHIT what it is, along with all the rest of the ignorance that is getting crammed down our throats. If you don’t do it now the time is coming when you will not be able to.

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