Woke Teacher Tells Protesters to Kill Themselves

Video: Teacher Goes on Unhinged Rant Telling Lockdown Protesters “Kill Yourself!”

Published 7 December, 2020
Paul Joseph Watson

A video clip out of Oregon shows a teacher screaming at lockdown protesters concerned about business closures, telling them, “kill yourself!”

The incident occurred during a demonstration in Bend, Oregon yesterday at which protesters expressed their opposition to COVID-19 restrictions which continue to see small businesses go to the wall while giant transnationals like Walmart and Amazon make record profits.

The woman is seen leaning out of her car window hurling abuse at rally attendees, yelling at one of them, “Bitch! Kill yourself!”

“I’m a fucking teacher, I work in schools,” the woman shouts. “I teach students, my students’ families are dying!”

The woman then makes obscene hand gestures to the crowd, telling them, “fuck all of you!” as they respond with chants of “USA!” before she drives away.

The video has already received over 1.6 million views on Twitter.

Respondents to the video expressed concerns that the woman was actually teaching children.

“She’s a sad example of an educator. You’re entitled to express your grievances, but the way she went about this was absolutely disgusting. If I were the principal I would consider her termination. Public displays like this have no place,” said one.

“It is unreal to see how little control they seem to have over their own emotions. Her whole day was ruined by people practicing their first amendment rights. I am sure her classes aren’t biased at all,” remarked another.

“Has this patient been identified? Do we know which school district has the privilege of paying her to teach kids?” asked another.

Video: Teacher Goes on Unhinged Rant Telling Lockdown Protesters “Kill Yourself!” – Summit News

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