More Transgender Histrionics

Too ridiculous for even the Twilight Zone…

Actor John Cleese was recently excoriated on Twitter for saying that he still did not understand what the deal was with trans people. He is 81 years old, and he is unable to get his mind around it — the concept of ‘transgenderism’. For context, note that as a member of Monty Python, Cleese was for years a close friend and associate of fellow Python Graham Chapman, who was openly gay, and Terry Gilliam who now identifies as a Black Lesbian in Transition (a BLT, although he admits this is “bullshit”).

Due to his lack of understanding, Cleese was told that he was incredibly insensitive for even asking questions about this, and that people were committing mass suicide because of him. They further explained that someone was either a man, a woman, or presumably anything else, because they DECIDED they were. This may sound blasphemous to some, but the Pope is okay with it, so take that for what it’s worth.

These people were particularly hysterical that Cleese was somehow infringing on “trans” rights, although it was unclear how those rights are different from the rights of regular people. There is an ongoing question of course why ANY group should have special rights over another.

My own thoughts? This is largely a mass mind-control program, perpetuating emotional adolescence, and doing so with intention. It is ultimately though a failure of principled leadership and dedication to truth, even a dedication to the resolution of truth. It is part of the continued ‘dumbing down’ of America.

This is openly proclaiming that Santa Claus is real — because we said so — and that anyone who calls BS on that deserves to be in prison for crimes against humanity, the very humanity that is being rendered obsolete by these premises.

This is the Gulag Archipelago, a fascist projection on those who refuse to accept and worship the narrative of the state. This is Winston being tortured for refusing to say that 2+2 equals 5. It is doublethink — the use of force to make people declare obvious falsehoods. It is a totalitarian party that demands absolute allegiance, and bears no forgiveness for those who dare to break away from the cult.

It is a made-up cause that impugns the character of the very people who were already inclusive, who already allowed others to be whoever they wanted to be, so long as they were not FORCING their beliefs on them. This was REAL community, in all its natural organic splendor.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, those who wage this war don’t want mere acceptance, they want their differences — their illusions — embraced, and are absolutely willing to use force to make it so. So I ask you, who are the real tyrants here?

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  1. I agree, I am tired of this kind of BS. In the feminization of society herds of people are embracing this kind of totalitarian way of thinking. The average person doesn’t seem to realize that it is going to be our undoing.

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