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  1. “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”
    — Party Slogan, 1984

    This is a good quote! It reminds me of the start of Braveheart where the narrator, voiced by Robert the Bruce, says history is written by those who have hanged heros. Power hungry men get to places high up the food chain by dictating the dissemination of knowledge. If they can distort, hide, or omit knowledge of our past and history they can more effectively control us because if we really knew what was going on we would revolt and overthrow corrupt men.

    I hear different advice from two classes of people. The first class tells me to just focus on myself and try to make a nice life in the environment as it stands. The second class, the one I prefer, tells me to not accept the environment created for me and try to resist it as much as possible, to undermine, sabotage it, and subvert it by any means necessary in order to shift the balance of power to something more favorable and sustainable. I detest living a life like a helpless sheep grazing along in a pasture as its master decides on its care. I don’t want to be ruled over by corrupt politicians fattening their pockets with the money we would use to feed our kids.

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