Code of Hammurabi substantially complete

I am pleased to say that The Code of Hammurabi page is now substantially complete. Everything here is a work in progress, but this was something I thought was foundational for the site and I am glad to have it done.

It seems to be the affliction of every age that those who inhabit it think they are smarter and better than any one that came before. Yet history is replete with examples that this is not so. This does not mean to say that The Code of Hammurabi is filled with striking wisdom, but it was transformational for the age, and shows a thriving culture with a fully stated legal code. In many ways it was centuries ahead of its time.

On the subject of history, and our place in it, we should be careful not to be too full of ourselves. We supposedly still don’t know how they built the pyramids, or why. And why are the ancient ruins of underwater cities never talked about? Why do they lie to us about where America’s name really came from? Why did Wernher von Braun place Psalm 19:1 on his tombstone?

Evidence that reveals all sorts of things is hidden in plain sight all around us. One might continually ask why. Who really controls the planet, and what do they know about its origins or nature that they don’t want us to know? It is puzzling. If we keep looking though, sifting, and keep our minds open to the seemingly fantastic or impossible, we may eventually find answers to many of the questions that fill our minds.



  1. “It seems to be the affliction of every age that those who inhabit it think they are smarter and better than any one that came before. Yet history is replete with examples that this is not so.”

    This is a very wise statement. I couldn’t agree more. If there’s one thing that annoys me it’s the Dunning-Kruger effect and that is someone who attributes more value to a perceived trait, usually intelligence, than is actually the case. I’m constantly honing my thinking skills and I train myself to not become haughty or arrogant. Being humble is crucial to learn new skills. If you are a know-it-all you are just an assbag. So are we superior or smarter than ages prior? HELL FUCKING NO!!! We are absolute fucking retards compared to wise men in the past! How did this happen to where dysgenics have bred men to become useless husks of their former glory? If I had to guess, Satanic leaders who pushed men into the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, and WWII. This culled the fittest and brightest men and left inferior breeds, and social engineering policy maintained a stock that would be ensured to be weak and pathetic. This is how our Satanic leaders have bred our men. The fighting men that exist now are brain dead NPCs who follow orders unquestioningly like robots. Some other ways they cull the populations of masculine men is through radical feminism, political correctness, non-white mass immigration, Opium epidemic and government-involved neighborhood drug flooding, mass incarceration, wars for Israel, affirmative action policies, discriminatory hiring practices, Communist pressure groups like the ADL, SPLC, Antifa, the media, Google, etc., family courts, and cultural Marxism. I’m probably missing other tactics used to weaken straight white, true Christian MEN. I put men in caps because there’s a difference between masculine men and effeminate men. A true masculine man is someone like William Wallace from Braveheart or Maximus from Gladiator. The men of today act more like women. The women act more like men. It’s a true reversal of the gender roles and it’s only getting worse with intersectionality and gender fluidity. We are living in Satanic

    I have thought about creating a YouTube channel but there’s no way I can be politically correct by appeasing Google’s Marxist censors. My best bet would be uploading to BitChute. People need to understand the nature of power and how it is used. The Communists have figured out their method well. Make no mistake, the globalists are Communists and they are just as ruthless as Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, and Joseph Stalin. I don’t know about others but I don’t want to be ruled by Communists.

    • Yes, so true… and much to talk about…

      Excellent. Dunning-Kruger was on my short list of things I wanted to talk about on this site. Until just a few years ago I was not aware that this phenomenon had already been documented and had a name. We will be talking more about that.

      Repealing Glass-Steagall… a major example of ‘modern’ dickheads thinking they are smarter than those who already LIVED through the very thing they wrote the law for. But this assumes that their agenda to dismantle it was naive and not with purpose, to once again be able to loot the system.

      I could have never guessed that they would be pushing all this perversity and inversion so hard today. What’s down is up and what’s up is down. Yet they always tell us what they are going to do to us. It is a metaphysical requirement. We are living in some combination of 1984 meets Brave New World. Look at Bill Gates, some kind of Dr. Mengele pushing his poison on the world for the ‘betterment’ of humanity. Naturally, his ideas of that are not face value. Then again, he is only a puppet for much more powerful demons/rulers/potentates.

      You often make the distinction here that the “Jews” are the real culprits in all of this, but perhaps this is too simplistic a view of things… or maybe not. None of this is fully what it appears to be. Perhaps it goes back to the double-anointing that Michael Lake talks about with Lucifer. These are Kabbalists, but they are not so much different from those who march counter-clockwise around another Kaaba. Cubes… monoliths. Six sides. Saturnists. Conjurers… a conjuring. Ancient Babylon and esoteric knowledge. Eyes Wide Shut.

      I remember reading about how Benjamin Disraeli manipulated both friends and — having one country believe they had made a solid deal with Great Britain while another deal was being cut with someone else to screw the first/second/third country. It was called masterful, but seemed really underhanded to me. No more clever than Karl Rove ‘outwitting’ his opponents. Not about principles or ideas, at least not the ones we were taught to value. Only about power and how to screw your enemy to get it. Kol Nidre…

      If you wanted to take over a country by stealth, or this was your only real option, AND you had the luxury of time, how would you do it? Fluoridate the water supply, feed the men estrogen (and the women too so that they fuck up the men), and introduce ideas to continually place drag on the system. Indoctrinate insiders to carry out Cloward-Piven strategies, and fund men and ideas like Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky (and many many more).

      Please let me know if you decide to create a YouTube or BitChute channel.

      How come black people can talk one way, but if I do it I’m a racist? Huge double-standard. I worked plenty of blacks over the years as well as having black friends. Blacks are AT LEAST as racist as anyone else, and who cares?! How come a black parent can spank a child in public but if a white parent does it they get a visit from Child Protective Services? Taken at face value you might say that more is expected of the white parent… so who are the racists here?

      And I was using the word tranny when most of these SJW snowflakes were still shitting their diapers. Back then though a “tranny” was a weird thing. Not yet normalized. AND there is nothing more fun than calling your buddy a fag when he does something effed up, so I make sure now and do it in public for all to hear. My nephews and nieces laugh, and learn that language is only a tool. It’s what you DO that counts. You can’t legislate what people think any more than you can force ‘diversity’ between birds. It’s stupid. Mind-control.

      Oh, I meant to say about growing up in Austin – we had this weird fag named “Leslie” who would would wear a bikini and make a spectacle of himself on street corners. He was a nasty person, with unkempt hair and beard. A bad drug habit. A bum. People thought he was a riot. I thought he was a disgrace. “Keep Austin Weird” they said. I said, “If you want to ‘keep Austin weird’ please go back where you came from.” In the end I was the one who left.

      • PS- Aaron, I am only now getting to your comment on the Gad Saad interview. I see that you do indeed go into the “Jewish” question… I have only just started it and may not respond until this evening. Thank you for taking the time to comment here. I appreciate it more than you know.

      • Yes, the West is going through a period of radical change that is destroying it at the behest of our super corrupt politicians who should be dragged out of assembly halls and lynched. They are consciously or unconsciously ushering in Communism which is basically totalitarianism and absolute tyranny. I like to simplify what Communism is. It is the full metamorphosis of state power and the form of government envisioned by the devil. Communism consumes, it destroys…it is the release of the beast system repressed by man and brought out to the surface: the reptilian predatory lustful urges. Communism is the form of government but the state’s religion is Satanism. There is no such thing as “separation of church and state.” Atheism, or secularism, is a religion and it is more closely associated with Satanism. A lot of Satanists are atheists.

        Yes of course, I don’t blame all Jews nor do I think it’s solely Jewish practices that are leading our world towards hell. Freemasonry is a gentile form of the Kabbalah which is mysticism but more importantly, Luciferianism. One of the leaders of Freemasonry said it all leads back to the Kabbalah. The Talmud is the Jewish elder rabbis’ interpretation of Judaism. So we know that Freemasonry, Zionism, the Kabbalah, and the Talmud are all Luciferianism or associated with the devil. There are other secret societies less well known such as the Rosicrucians, Skull and Bones, Pagan Druidry, and the Illuminati, to name a few. All are extensions of Luciferianism, aka Satanism. Here is a great article that teaches about Satanism and how it represents “the left hand path.”
        The right hand path is the angelic spectrum on the side of good compared to the left hand path which is the demonic spectrum on the side of evil. The right side is about life and the left side is about feeding off energy(welfare, affirmative action, usury, corruption, fraud, deceit), subversion, and death.

  2. Aaron, your comments caused me to grab a book off the shelf by William Carr. “Satan, Prince of this World”. It appears now to be in the Public Domain and I have been cleaning up a copy to put on the site.

    You are right that Luciferianism, Satanism, whatever name one wants to give it not only exists but is flourishing in the culture. It is some serious stuff. Sarah Westall has done some interviews on this with a man named Kevin Annett.

    Listened to a good interview last night by a woman who goes by Polly St. George. She does some great research on how deep this Epstein thing goes… Anton LaVey, L. Ron Hubbard, US Military officers… this is no fringe thing. This Beast’s tendrils are deep into it all, and have been for a long long time.

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