Why are we here? I ask this not as an existential question, but in regards to this website. Smile.

This site was originally conceived as a place to post some thoughts regarding politics, religion, and/or current events. I have kept extensive notebooks and journals for many years now, and have long wanted a place to post some thoughts and ideas. I finally made myself sit down for a few hours to at least get this thing started.

I wanted a place also to post any number of things that I found interesting… some random bit of knowledge, a meaningful quote, thoughts on worm composting or baking bread, a book or movie review, poetry, philosophy, music, trivia… whatever. A digital playground, not overly structured. I wanted it to be a fun place to work and visit, and I hoped it would be a place where others might join me.

Please make yourself at home. In order to comment on posts you will need to provide an email address (which will never be shown) and your first comment will need to be approved by a Moderator. We may change any of this going forward. Mostly we just want to make sure you are a real person.

There are no rules other than strive to be kind and to have a beginner’s mind.

There is no such thing as “Hate Speech” here, so you can speak your mind freely. Just don’t threaten acts of violence or talk seriously about overthrowing the government by force.

This site presently resides on shared server space and so there may be occasional lag times in opening pages. Hopefully that will be minimal. We will upgrade if the site grows.




  1. Hate only consumes the hater. Hell no we are not supposed to turn our cheek 200 times. Our enemies are being deliberate in their malicious attacks. In that case we absolutely defend ourselves and strike back. Forgiveness is meant for those willing to change their actions. In that case we keep turning our cheeks because it is no big deal. In law this is called precedent. You don’t want to establish a bad precedent because you have to account for it during every iteration of a scenario and you don’t want a negative ripple effect. Unless you’re Israel feeding the US bogus intel of ‘weapons of mass destruction.’

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