Ukraine on Fire… cherchez la femme

I posted this twice to facebook, as shown in the notes below. I continue to try to migrate previous journaling to here.

21 April 2019 – Spacebook
I posted the following here in September of 2017. Receiving no ‘likes’ and no comments it did not get much attention. I wonder whether it will become more relevant in the coming months. More thoughts below…

posted 2017-09-01:

Ukraine on Fire – I watched this documentary last night on Amazon Prime – 93 minutes total. It is about how the U.S. government orchestrated chaos in Ukraine in 2013-2014 in order to bring down the democratically elected government. So filled with hubris, they [agents of the US] didn’t even appear to hide much of it.

Having manipulated and destroyed yet one more foreign government, you get to see John McCain stand there and say what a great thing they had done for the people of Ukraine. A phony revolution. A few hundred deaths. A country in disarray. A great thing.

Today again…
Why is creating chaos and destruction wherever we please a good thing?

I wonder whether the citizens of this country will ever wake up and realize that a select group of people who run our government from the shadows have been destabilizing democratically elected governments all over the world for decades, including our own. Why is this okay?

Scenario: I don’t like how my neighbor treats his wife and kids so I go burn his house down, tell him he brought it on himself, and proclaim I did a good thing? What happens when it comes out that I have been sleeping with his wife for years? I guess it doesn’t really matter. I own the town newspaper and the local TV and radio stations. The Chief of Police is my room-mate from college, and I play poker with the Fire Marshal every Friday night. I say my neighbor can go to hell. Maybe now I can buy his lot cheap, and he’ll actually think I am doing him a favor.

Thanks for helping me work through this.

Thank you to anyone who happens to be taking the time to actually read any of this. I am trying to create here a more lasting compilation of the last few years’ thoughts and writings, and escape the spacebook once and for all.


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