Thoughts on the Election – 2020

“The role of declaring a winner of a presidential election in the U.S. falls to the news media.”
— The New York Times

Really? Since when?

For those who do not know, it doesn’t matter what the news media says. The election is not over until the results have been officially certified by the states. This has not yet been done.

Also, for those who do not know, I have no real preference for whoever wins. One wins, we move more quickly to the ultimate destination of tyranny. The other wins, the same, only (maybe) just a little slower. The Constitutional Republic which some of us grew up believing in no longer exists. How do you explain to a mass of bleating sheep that we were NEVER a democracy? This election ritual has served only as theater for generations.

Some observations…

  • Joe Biden received more votes than any presidential candidate in US history in spite of inability to attract anyone to his rallies
  • Biden got fewer votes than Obama or Hillary in every state except: MI, PA, GA, and WI
  • There are at least 450,000 voters in these same states (inc. AZ) who voted for Biden, but did not vote any further down the ticket
  • Google trends noted that searches for: ‘election fraud punishment’ surged in MI, PA, and AZ before election
  • Republican poll watchers in many jurisdictions were not allowed to watch the counting of ballots
  • Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) massively censored vote-fraud whistleblowers
  • Social Media deleted pro-Trump accounts with literally millions of followers two weeks before the election — without warning
  • Tens of thousands of dead people cast their votes for Joe Biden (many who were never even Democrats)
  • Joe Biden has significantly more votes (roughly double) than the Democrat Senators running in the same states
  • Seven Milwaukee wards reported more presidential votes than registered voters
  • An analysis of votes in Michigan has found that over 10,000 dead people returned mail-in ballots
  • In Detroit alone there were 2503 dead people registered, 32,519 more voters registered than eligible, and 4788 duplicates
  • ‘Glitches’ in Dominion voting machines changed hundreds of thousands of Trump votes to Biden, and “lost” more than that
  • Wisconsin clerks unlawfully altered thousands of absentee ballots
  • Pennsylvania backdated large numbers of mail-in ballots received after November 3rd
  • Woman who voted for Trump in Texas shocked to learn she also voted for Joe Biden in California via mail-in ballot
  • Legacy Media issued a warning to all ‘news’ outlets that there would be NO talk or investigation of vote fraud
  • Never in US history has vote counting in a presidential election simply been discontinued for the night
  • NYC Mayor De Blasio’s daughter slips and says that Biden “was able to steal” the election (just talk of course)
  • Arizona Secretary of State in charge of certifying election results calls Trump Supporters “Neo-Nazis” (think she may be biased?)
  • Tens of thousands of ballots at a time are ONLY for Joe Biden, which is statistically impossible
  • No other country in the world accepts mail-in ballots for legitimate elections
  • The US refuses to follow its own voting integrity guidelines used in Iraq; they know how to do honest elections, but choose not to

Maybe it makes sense now why all the (so-called) polls predicted a huge Biden win, so that the planned fraud would match projections. It was programming.

Is this really what our elections have come to? Winning at any cost? I learned long ago to be careful what I wished for, and to never want something so badly that I would do immoral or unethical things to get it. I would plainly not make a good politician.

If you ask me, this election mess was on purpose. The Republic is finally destroyed either way. If Biden “wins” we get mock peace and reconciliation, somehow elevated to the level of introspection. If Trump “wins” we get more hatred, murder and riots — from Biden/Hillary/Obama supporters. Wow, what a choice.

Ironic, is it not, that those who claim to want peace and reconciliation are actually the ones issuing the hate. This doesn’t really seem very introspective to me. Why must those who are simply trying to live good lives be held hostage by those with a larger agenda? Why this overwhelming desire to control others? Why this thirst for power? I believe it is the eternal Paradox of Do-Gooders… they always become Authoritarians.

Satyagraha — as the means, so the end

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  1. “Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm — but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.”
    — TS Eliot

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