Sovereignty – Who is Your Sovereign?

Did you know that in 1860 the majority of people in the Northern States acknowledged the right of the Southern States to leave the union if they chose to do so? Whether they wanted them to or not, it was understood to be a voluntary union. Like being married.

So if my wife leaves me and I come to take her back by [deadly] force, who is the aggressor?

This was and IS STILL a question of Sovereignty. Are you sovereign of your body, your children, your home, your city, your state? Or is someone else? Where do you draw the line?

That these questions are no longer pondered, much less debated, speaks to the terribly DUMBED DOWN state of this country today, where foreigners literally know more about the principles on which this nation was founded than those who were born here. It also shows the reckless hypocrisy of those who are outraged that a federal government would enter their war-torn city to restore law and order. They should be outraged about that, but they are too stupid to know why.

By the way, I will tell you who is sovereign of me: Me. Period. And I do know why.

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