some updates – Sunday – 07 July 2019

some quick notes and site updates…
Added a scanned copy of Letters on the Masonic Institution by John Quincy Adams to the eBooks page.

Am working on adding at least one Bible link to the top of the site (or as a widget on the side). I look up and reference verses frequently and perhaps others do as well.

Intend to publish a page as well on Fractals. I watched a one-hour NOVA presentation a number of years ago that was fundamental to my own understanding of our place in the universe. Fractals – Hunting the Hidden Dimension.

7 Habits is done, as both a page and a post.

Doing a post regarding Amaru Ca by Timothy Alberino. Will need to find and compile notes taken when first watching this. One more piece of the puzzle falls into place.

In a recent interview with Greg Hunter, Catherine Austin Fitts provides legal and accounting details to show that we are in fact living in a fascist state. Will find and post the notes on this.

Am looking at setting up BuddyPress here on the site in order to facilitate doing some forums and stuff like that.

Recent thoughts on how the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were provided for peer review as open-source operating systems for governance. And why I use only Linux — an open-source operating system — on all my own computers. We should look more at the open-source model as a way to affect change in many other areas as well.

Lots more to come…


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