Gad Saad on the Zeitgeist of Lunacy

Gad Saad on why it is important to document and capture the Zeitgeist of Lunacy that presently occupies the culture.

Every now and then a video from Gad Saad will catch my eye. I will get an update on some new aspect of the culture I had missed.

He endlessly notes the lunacy, hypocrisy, and downright idiocracy by which the Left has become not only obsessed, but possessed. Here he tells about more self-loathing by Whites, proxy reparations, differential pricing based on skin color (wouldn’t MLK be proud), and more… just ridiculous. A twisted reality. This is what the world would look like if the inmates ran the asylum.

6:44 – Gad Saad

POC = person of color, people of color


  1. People listen to me and think I hate all Jews. I don’t think Hitler hated all Jews or Henry Ford or David Duke. I think these men were brave and they were willing to call out evil men who happened to be Jewish. Most people don’t have discernment. I can listen to someone like Gad Saad, Chomsky, or Milo and get excellent ideas from them. Do I agree with them on Zionism? No. I am not a Jew because I don’t believe in their way of life. I believe in my version of the Natural Order which I believe is closely related to Roman Catholicism, before the 2nd Vatican. I believe in an anagogic ascension towards the idea of the Divine, towards the godhead, what is known as God’s grace in the Bible. The godhead for Satanism is one’s own personal deification. As a flesh and blood mortal I can never presume to be a god but I can serve the will of God, the concept of this idea, so that I can influence others to follow suit so that we can get closer to the mystical land of milk and honey. The Kingdom of God is within us and so is our ability to CREATE Paradise if we work together towards that aim. The devil is always working to undermine our attempts to create the Garden of Eden so we must be vigilant and fight with sword and truth.

    People are looking for answers. Men are looking for a leader to lead them to the Promised Land. They thought they had one in Jordan Peterson and E. Michael Jones. These men acquired a cult following through their teachings and speeches. They are lacking. Peterson is a globalist shill who is too scared to criticize Jews so he is not a man to look up to. You will learn from him as you can learn from anybody, including Karl Marx. E. Michael Jones is not afraid to question the Jews but his message only goes so far. You can’t help but feel disappointed that this man is also lacking in a holistic philosophy. What both men converged on and what they got right was the concept of logos which I believe is the consciousness of God. This is what David was reaching towards in the Sixteenth Chapel when he tried to get revelation from God through the mythical Holy Spirit. Christians get our insight from this metaphysical inspiration. This is the logos. This is what the book of Job was referring to as The Word. God’s consciousness separates man from the animals. That’s why the Bible says Man is made in God’s image.

    But we are divided as a people. There’s a lot of us following the will of Satan. The leftists don’t care to be persuaded by the logos. All they care about is winning by any means necessary. For them the ends justify the means. This is the essence of Communism. That’s why you always hear a delusional leftist say true Communism has never been tried and it will be right next time, always next time. Joseph Stalin said one person murdered is a tragedy, a million people murdered is a statistic. This is the mind of a Communist. This is the mind possessing the leaders controlling America and most countries in the world today. We are heading towards disaster and our collective apathy is enabling this disaster to spread. I could say follow me and if everyone did their part to limit this spread we could reverse this diabolical trend. How to get people to listen to the message of logos? If I could get into the minds of Americans I could stop this globalism from consuming us like tinder?. What’s better, nobody needs to get hurt, not even Jews.

    People think I relish violence. I abhor violence. People don’t realize there’s more than one way to engage in violence. Political correctness is violence. Slandering people is violence. You don’t have to physically be striking someone. White people are actively discriminated against in America and the news never misses an opportunity to slander them. Jews on Twitter were quick to call out Jeffrey Epstein and label him “white” even though he’s clearly Jewish. This is a way to disempower a demographic so it’s the same as if you are engaging in direct violence against this group. Anti-white hatred is perfectly acceptable but everyone gets up in arms when anti-Semitism is expressed so much so that certain states like Florida have even made it a criminal offense as it is encoded into legislation. Europe and Canada even have it as provisions under “Hate speech” laws such as denying the Holocaust that can land unfortunate violators in prison. This goes against our notion of the first amendment in America but in Europe it is an accepted standard. Contrast this with teaching migrants to “properly” woo and have sex with European women at the expense of European men, with diagrams of a naked, darker Muslim guy on top of a light-skinned European woman in full penetration. Jews in Europe are free to say Europeans need to embrace mass immigration so that “whiteness” can be eradicated. They are openly promoting the Eurasian Mongoloid monorace to go with their globohomo, one world government. This is genocide. Where are white people to rally up in arms at this attack on their survival and way of life? Where is white Christian Europe to say “Enough! we are no longer going to tolerate this and we will fight!”?

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