Random Thoughts – Calculus vs. Toilet Paper

this was another extemporaneous post last week to spacebook… I copy it here for whatever it’s worth…

It’s funny, is it not, how every generation thinks it is smarter than the one before. Yet still no one knows for sure how they built the pyramids.

Newton invented Calculus centuries before toilet paper itself was invented. Maybe that’s why people today are way more concerned with toilet paper than math. It’s newer.

The majority of the Founding Fathers were fluent in both Latin and Greek — besides English, and yet people today commonly mistake them for retards. They weren’t perfect, to be sure, but at the age of twenty they were probably smarter than any single Congressperson we have today. They almost certainly had more ethics.

It’s only been 170 years since Semmelweiss demanded that his doctors washed their hands before doing surgeries, and still doctors put their nasty fingers into the gunshot wounds of two past Presidents, causing the deaths — by sepsis — that the gunshot wounds themselves did not.

Einstein developed his theory of relativity with just pencil and paper before most people’s houses were even wired for electricity, much less being plumbed for indoor toilets.

And the Manhattan Project, wherein was developed nuclear fission, lacked any computers whatsoever, except for humans.

So how did people who barely speak even one language, barely know to wash their hands after they go the the bathroom, and have few if any math skills whatsoever come to be the bosses of all the rest of us?

I say they’re not. It’s a facade, and those who are still able to think at a higher level need to ponder the direction that this society is being led by those who have the brainpower barely to tie their own shoelaces.

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