Pondering on the 4th

I started to write a brief intro to the Mark Dice video that I was about to post, a video from the 4th of July in 2016. I chose not to post it yesterday out of a sense of respect. It makes Americans look so stupid that it might only confirm our need to be gone and done with. Like Longshanks in the movie Braveheart remarking that sending his miserable son to meet with Wallace would only encourage him to take over the entire country. And yet is this not perhaps the very trap which is being laid?

I spent much of the 4th pondering what is really going on here, both in this country and the world. How many false paths are we being led down, even the smarter ones of us? We know there are men behind the curtain, but are we looking at the right curtain? And just how many curtains are there? Are the different curtains even part of the same play, act, or scene? Just how many layers of obfuscation are there, and how much is really left to chance? What is the endgame, and is there really much of anything we can do about it? We may never know the truth of it all, but we may at least strive to look in the right places and ask the right questions.

I created this site in part to seek the answers to these questions by forcing me to think out loud, and, if Providence sees fit, to be joined by others who are on the same path.

I may post a great deal here that is critical of this country and those who presently ‘govern’ it. I may also criticize the sheep who symbolically represent the voting class (I think elections are a farce). My criticisms are meant for more than just ridicule however, or entertainment. They are meant to be used for diagnostic purposes… and perhaps instruction.

So, how did we get here, and was this all part of the same thing, or are there competing ‘realities’ that may overlap only by chance? Does it all, in the end, come down to a cosmic battle between good and evil — and, if it does, what objectively constitutes either one? Are there absolute truths? I say that if there are not then life itself is largely meaningless. Is all of this just part of a larger whole? — a Yin and Yang, an endless cycle… Shiva, the Destroyer of Worlds, come ’round yet again? I am unwilling to accept that we are only here for the ride… but then it may be a paradox that acceptance is the only answer.



  1. I did not celebrate the 4th of July because just as soon as we won independence from Britain we hastened to give independence back to the international cabal of Luciferians. It is not all our fault. We did have founding fathers who were members of Freemasonry such as Benjamin Fraklin and I believe George Washington. This is absolutely a battle between good and evil, and evil is winning. There is a long history of the occult and secret societies subverting nations to bring it under their dominion. We are seeing the acceleration of this practice in every level of power around the world. Our souls cry out “Enough!” once we’ve been attacked by an onslaught of degeneracy and mine is growing weary. My faith in humanity grows smaller by the day. Jesus Christ had more tolerance by saying “forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.” I feel so disgusted with society that I want to hide somewhere in the woods where no miserable human can find me to force me back to the hell that is our modern world. We don’t deserve to celebrate anything having to do with our independence and freedom. We are obligated to sacrifice ourselves to fight this demonic evil as much as possible because the alternative is too horrible.

  2. Good words, Aaron. Supposedly Washington confessed to his pastor on his deathbed that he had not been to a lodge in many years, acknowledging that he understood the nature of it, at least at the highest levels. And I recall that John Quincy Adams exposed Freemasonry and attempted to drive it out, writing a book about it even. I should try to find a copy of that book. One of the Founders who I at one time most admired, Franklin, has been exposed recently for having numerous bodies buried under the house in which he lived in Paris. Very unsettling, and yet somehow not surprising.

    I think it is unavoidable that this thing will run its course. It is only a matter of when and how. Whoever orchestrates this thing seems to be escalating the timeline. Then again, I had already accepted before the last election that we were on a certain course that could not be stopped. We were given a short reprieve, we just don’t yet know how short. I think you are right though that we must fight back.

    The words of Christ on the cross are so moving, and are so many levels and layers deeper than what most of can understand. I believe it is the same thing Gandhi spoke of when he spoke of the transcendence of laying down your life. Alas, we have a global religion on the rise who has no understanding of this. Something else we will get into in weeks to come.

    It is my understanding that construction of the Third Temple is underway. Fascinating times. I read a book a couple of years ago called The Islamic Antichrist. It makes the strongest case I have ever seen that the Antichrist WILL BE a Muslim. All of a sudden it made sense why they are flooding Europe and the US with Muslims.

    Hopefully whatever sacrifices we are called on to do will save a few souls first.

    • Well said John! Even though I despise Jordan Peterson as a globalist shill and sellout, he did make a good point about focusing on your domain or scope that you can change. It’s the Serenity Prayer: accept the things you cannot change, have the courage to change the things you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference. We must affect change in the world by living lives of virtue so that we may inspire others to follow suit.

      From what I’ve read on Benjamin Franklin he was a very brilliant man and he may have been involved in some dark practices. When I think of the struggle between good and evil I think of Ju Jitsu, a constant battle for position to gain the most leverage in order to overpower your opponent. Evil is destined to win. The path towards life is so much harder to navigate that people prefer the easy way out and follow the mass hordes down the broad path towards death. I confess it gives me a lot of cortisol just thinking about it and my will to live in the material realm grows increasingly weaker.

      I did not hear about construction on the third temple. It sounds like they are increasing military aggression in the Middle East and apparently they don’t need approval by any of our branches of government. They can just do whatever they please and bomb whoever they want. What I wouldn’t give to sit down with each of the reptiles, including Tulsi Gabbard, and pick their brains to reveal their true moral character. What kind of psychopath does it take to be a member of our corrupt government? It’s interesting you said a Muslim would be the anti-Christ. Have you listened to the mayor of London who is Muslim? The guy is ruthless! When asked how he can claim London is a safe country when probed on the large statistics of violent crime he was unphased! It’s like he knows about the violence and doesn’t care at all but probably relishes it. It’s like the president of the ANC telling his radical supporters that if one of the whites killed one of them they would kill how many? “Five!” the crowd would scream. In another interview they were gloating about confiscating the land from the white farmers. The sheer bloodlust was revealing. I will cut short my blackpilling now.

  3. We are on the same page in very many ways.
    What has been happening in South Africa would seem to be proof that blacks cannot run a country. And, as you say, the bloodlust is in fact blood curdling… yeesh.

    That little midget mayor of London is a creepy condescending sonofabitch, and the Islamification of London (and Paris?) is incredibly disheartening. I was accused of Xenophobia on facebook recently by a Leftie for posting the Muslim in Toronto video by Rebel Media. Lost was the fact that this takeover is being done by stealth, and without the people’s consent — meaning of course that it is *not* organic. “Remember, you wanted this,” is lost on those whose greatest aspirations are mindless “diversity” — YAY, we are so DIVERSE! RAINBOWS! SODOMY! Little Children! Oh the wonder of it all!

    There’s my rant for the night. I hate stupidity! … and yet I strive to learn to be kind… and learn humility.

    I watched the movie 13 Hours again earlier this evening. When it finally comes down to the great Holy War, these American snowflakes over here are going to be screwed. It reminded me to dig up any notes written the last 2-3 years on Genesis 16:12 – “And he will be a wild-ass of a man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”

    • I was watching the latest Roosh V video on his road trip across Babylon, aka America, and he had an interesting revelation about America’s founding in light of July 4th. America seceded from England because Freemasonry wanted to create its own nation in America while Britain represented the Church. George Washington was a Freemason and so were many founders. They subverted America since the founding. They slowly got rid of God in this country to where now we have Satanic statues of Baphomet being erected in state capitols. America is the new Babylon. https://youtu.be/oDMiPacRlB0
      WATCH FROM 17:00

      • Okay. I will watch this. I need to work on more of a stream here in the comments section because I often don’t see new comments unless I am looking, except that they DO come to my email (if I am paying attention). Do you receive notice of replies in your Inbox as well? Please let me know.

        By chance I posted this morning a set of videos done by Timothy Alberino regarding how America was REALLY named. It all fit. I had wondered since I was a child why “America” would be the only country in all of modern history to be named after the FIRST name of someone, much less a rather insignificant cartographer… something didn’t make sense.

        I also spent time this morning looking through a fantastic book I bought 3 years or so ago by Dr. Michael Lake called The Shinar Directive. I had watched him interviewed by Tom Horn and found the interviews fascinating. I think it was three 30 minute interviews and I plan to post them here. Lake says there are two versions of history, the Accidental version or the Conspiratorial version. Meaning that everything we know as history happened either mostly by chance, or mostly NOT by chance. He states plainly that it is the latter. This too made sense after it was said.

        SO much of what we think we know is fake, and so much is hidden altogether, much of it right in front of us. The Statue of Liberty is a prime example. The Light Bearer… come one. The French Revolution… Adam Weishaupt… the layout of the District of Columbia, a giant obelisk in front of a reflecting pool leading to a dome… the significance of Twin Towers, Secret Societies… recurring number themes, symbols right on our so-called money, et cetera, et cetera.

        I need to work up a list of books I have read the last few years regarding this stuff. I have been trying to slowly post videos and articles that I found enlightening the last few years.

        • I do not get notified of any of your comments. I have to come back to these posts to find your comments. It is always a joy reading your material so I’m happy to look for your posts and comments.
          I will check out Timothy Alberino.
          Yeah, Roosh V has had a very interesting change of perspective. He used to live the life of a pick-up artist, whoring around sleeping with a multitude of women until he realized how shallow the life was and how unfulfilling it made him. I think feminism, the LGBTQIA movement, and the SJW absurdity tipped him over the edge, as it did me. Now he pursues a life for God and preaches a message that fits that frame.
          I found out that America stands for ‘No Mercy for the Sheep’ in Latin. It makes sense once you realize the founders were mostly Freemasons. Our history is definitely revisionist and they don’t want to give us our real history or we’ll reclaim our destiny again. Whoever controls the past controls the present controls the future.

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