Nextcloud on Linux working superbly

After many weeks of thinking about it I finally got Nextcloud installed on both my Linux systems last evening. It is working flawlessly so far. Nextcloud is backup and file syncing software, but it is more than that.

I finally moved all my systems to Linux two years ago after many years of experimenting with it. Now sitting down at a Windows machine feels more than ever like slavery. It is a reminder of a New World Order, a place where Big Brother reigns supreme. It may be naive today to think that there is anywhere that Big Brother can’t go, but I still think it is important to make a statement that you will not willingly be ruled. It is in our acquiescence that we give over our souls.

I run Linux Mint, by the way, Cinnamon edition, and have been astonished at the organic power of the open-source community. And this from someone who years ago went to school 4 nights a week for 7 months to get certified as an MCSE. I had a major paradigm shift however after 9/11 which took a few years to solidify. It finally happened officially after the bullshit “financial crisis” of 2008, and the election that followed. I made a shitload of money in the crash, to be clear about that. “How could anyone see this coming?” they asked.

“How could anyone NOT see this coming?” I responded.

This is all theater my friends. Orchestrated by those who think of money in very different ways than you do.

Derivatives, GMO’s, vaccines, clones, migrants, trannies, “hate” speech… absolutely nothing is what it appears to be. God and nature is open-source and organic, displaying itself openly for all to see. No hidden agenda, it is what it is, virtuous, and unashamed.

It is in how we utilize the knowledge that is given to us that we manifest our intention in this world. These manifestations are very strong, and very real… with very real consequences. “Be the change that you want to see in the world,” it is said. We demonstrate our intentions every day in the choices we make… even the most simple ones.

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