Musings, and Future Postings

A friend commented to me that the site (this site) “looks kind of random but seems like currently relevant material.” It may seem random, and in some ways it is, but I want to take a moment to give some perspective.

My intentions here are multifaceted. For one, I want to post current stuff in order to make sure that others are aware of it and to open potential dialogue. The thing is though that there is not a lot of sense in simply posting stuff here that any of us could have already found on ZeroHedge (for example). That doesn’t mean I won’t do that. In fact I have looked at options to run some kind of page or feed throughout the day in which to post summaries or headlines. My point is that there needs to be at least some original thought here, not just parroting of other sources or opinions.

Secondly, I have had the ‘luxury’ of being near a computer much of the day for some time now. I may find myself back out in the field or traveling again soon, and hoped to setup something here that didn’t necessarily require my input in order to stay current.

Third, I am not naive enough to think that anyone will come here for long simply to read my thoughts, and I don’t just spit them out as fast as I can type, at least not in a very readable form. Looking to the site’s Tag Cloud (in the sidebar), you will see that one of the largest tags is contemplation. If I can offer nothing else, perhaps it is this… even when I am wrong.

I wanted the site to be a resource for things that you might not find elsewhere. If you haven’t read Huxley’s Brave New World, for example, or no longer remember large parts of it, you may wonder why I keep referencing it. Sometimes I wonder too. I may do a random post on New World Order castes, and this is why.

Finally, much of what I wanted to post or talk about did not belong on spacebook for multiple reasons, including censorship. Some of it was philosophical. Why would I provide value to a platform that I think is by its nature parasitic?

I post things here that I think are relevant in some way to making sense of today’s world, and I have created multiple reference pages for the site. You will find here copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, for example. If I recommend a book that is in the public domain I try to provide a copy of it. This all takes time. Not just to clean up a copy, but to make sure it is okay to provide it here.

Thank you for coming to take a look around. I hope you will find reasons to return.


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