Mass Outrage – Government is Not the Answer

“We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…”
— Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood; 1939

It is no secret how Margaret Sanger felt or believed about eliminating the “black weeds” as she called them. So how come the ‘peaceful protesters’ are not burning down all the Planned Parenthood places? Why do they get a pass from those who care so much about black lives? If you support this institution then at least be intellectually honest about it and spare me the twisted logic.

This whole outrage thing is based on a lie. It is mass deceit. It is do-gooders who long to feel important carrying signs and spewing outrage instead of going into troubled neighborhoods and actually helping CLEAN THEM UP. It is adolescents demanding that nebulous ‘government’ do what they themselves are unwilling to do.

Grow up and grab a shovel. Fill potholes, clean up a vacant lot, start a community garden. Pull up your freakin’ pants!

Quit glorifying hateful music, and quit pretending that being stupid or being a ‘gangsta’ is cool. Treat people like adults who you expect to act like adults. Quit lowering the bar of both morality and intelligence. Raise your expectations and expect them to be met. Teach a reading class.

Quit making stupid hand signs that you don’t know what they mean. Stop worrying about “feelings” and have enough courage to show some tough love. Take some responsibility and quit blaming someone else for everything that’s wrong in life. And most of all, stop pretending that burning stuff down and being a troublemaker is a noble endeavor. It’s not, no matter how you justify it. Bricks are for building things — not destroying them.

7 Habits – Veritas

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