KS-19 – Includes Everything but the Kitchen Sink

I make chili pretty often. I use beans in my recipe, and onions, garlic, garden tomatoes, peppers, et cetera. Sometimes I add other stuff like the half can of corn that’s in the fridge, or the last quarter cup of oat groats in the cupboard that I just want to get used up. Before you laugh, groats, for example, add mouthfeel and thicken the broth, while corn adds color, sweetness, and crunch. I may add a little shredded cabbage in order to fill the pot, or some wild rice, celery or carrot.

As strange as this may sound, I make a tasty and satisfying pot of chili, from scratch. Family and friends know that when they get a container called “John’s KS-Chili” that the KS stands for “Kitchen Sink.” It never gets refused.

So, what does this really have to do with anything? Well, I was reading, once again, that basically everything today is getting classified as COVID-19. Killed in a car crash? CV-19. Fell down the stairs and broke your neck? CV-19. It’s weird.

If you’re going to include everything – including the kitchen sink – why not just call it KS-19? Maybe they won’t though because the names they give things really ARE important to them. We may never know for sure what the COVID-19 acronym REALLY stands for, but you could make some reasonably good guesses. One of mine was “COVert operation ID-19”.

It’s been known for a long time that they want to get all their cattle tagged and accounted for, so I think this is ultimately about that, hence the ID. These people love numbers as much as names, and are definitely in love with the numbers 9 and 11 (or 1 by itself, as appropriate). They waited until 2019 to put this thing into action.

Once again, just food for thought. Besides the “official” rendering, it has been fun and interesting to see what others have come up with.


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  1. A friend made an interesting case that the acronym stands for Certificate Of Vaccination – ID-19. I have already posted in the CRISIS-19 group about the digital record they are trying to imprint in/on us all. This perverted blend of 1984 and Brave New World.

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