It’s okay when we do it…

The U.S. Government does not know what “happened” to $21,000,000,000,000.00 ($21 Trillion) of past budgets. This is just the official number. The actual number is about double this (not counting unfunded liabilities).

When pushed for an answer they say “Trust us. It’s a ‘national security’ issue.” That’s their answer for everything.

The biggest accounting swindle ever to be exposed in history (including the commensurate ramifications of this fraud) is met with crickets by the [fake] media, Congress, and pretty much everyone else. When called out on it they simply passed an Executive decree which basically said that an honest accounting on ANY government funds was no longer [legally] required. Pretty slick.

If you or I did any of this on our own corporate tax returns they would put us in prison, but this is business as usual for the criminals that occupy the District of Columbia.

So what does this say about the nature of our governance? You may want to reflect on that for a while. I will however leave you with this thought: if you are okay with this then you are part of the very system that enslaves us all.

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