Epstein and the Eugenicists

The wormhole goes so far beyond where most people are able to conceive. This is the place where science and religion meet.

Many have wondered for years why I have harped on Huxley’s Brave New World as much as Orwell’s 1984, noting that what we have been experiencing is in fact a melding of the two. Watching this video may help explain why.

Polly: “We are not giving our consent to permanently change organisms of this Earth.”
She notes that once these genetically modified ‘things’ reproduce on their own they no longer have to call them “Genetically Modified.”

There is word out of China that they have now created a cross between a human and a chimpanzee. You can be sure they are WAY beyond this.

I have written some thought pieces on the moral dilemma(s) of creating clones, and will see if I can get those posted in the next week or two.

28:39 – Polly – 2019-08-08

Go to 14:55 to listen to a portion of a TED Talk where this is discussed…

“What if [CRISPR] inserted not only your new gene, but also the machinery that does the cutting and pasting. In other words, what if CRISPR also copied-and-pasted itself? You’d end up with a perpetual motion machine for gene editing. And that’s exactly what happens.”

“This CRISPR gene-drive not only guarantees that a trait will get passed on, but if it’s used in the germline cells it will automatically copy-and-paste your new gene into both chromosomes of every single individual. It’s like a global search & replace, or in science terms it makes a heterozygous trait homozygous.”

The lady scientist is incredibly pleased to describe what they have done, although she acknowledges that so long as we had Natural Selection, then nature would take care of cleaning up any messes they (Science) created. But with this new technology that will no longer be true.

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