The Present False Paradigm

Like a magician’s assistant, used only to distract, we are looking at the wrong thing and asking the wrong questions. The questions we ARE asking are most likely based on false information. Information provided ironically by the selfsame magicians or their designated assistants and associates.

Where does it end? Why and how have we lost the ability to research, evaluate, and make judgments on our own, proceeding in reasonably good faith along a determined course? Why are we now unable to trust even our own senses? Or even common sense?

The vast majority now looks only to Big Daddy, Uncle Sugar, this supreme fictitious Puppet-god created in their own minds that, if he or she resides on Earth at all, does so in the District of Columbia. They have lost the ability to think, to question much of anything at all in spite of overwhelming contradictions to what they are told, see and hear.

This is a false paradigm, friends. We must regain the ability to think for ourselves, and, if we retreat at all, do so only to the safety and sanctuary of our own communities. It is time to return to our roots, and throw off this shadowy veil that is determined to control — quite literally — every part of our lives.

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