The Clinton Body Count

Clinton Body Count 2016-1031

I was having a conversation with someone a couple years ago and I mentioned the “Clinton Body Count.” They had never heard of such a thing and thought I was out of my mind. I said not to take my word for it, to look it up themselves.

My friend called back the next day, saying, “What the hell man! If even half of this is true this is really messed up! How come people don’t know about this?!”

“You tell me,” I replied.

He was pretty rattled. He said that he got off the phone the day before with the intention of proving me to be a lunatic. What happened was the more he tried to prove that this was made up bullshit, the more he was unable to do so.

I may update this page more in coming days and weeks with fresh sources. I know there have been more losses just in the last few months. For now though I wanted to get a placeholder here for this. I think the link below may actually be pretty up-to-date. The large chart to the right is very detailed even though it is now almost 3 years old.

Clinton body count – Conservapedia

It’s pretty unbelievable to think that we live in a country where people are so casually “suicided” yet the general citizenry – the voting public – be so unaware of it all. I think the problem is that most people are simply unable to imagine this level of corruption or psychopathy, especially being so pervasive in our system today. They either deny it or simply don’t care. For most Americans today politics is now more or less a team sport. Actual principles are no longer involved. You see the same thing in religion, and that’s pretty much what politics has become.

People go mad in crowds.

2020-04-26 — There are in fact numerous updates to the body count. Visit the Conservapedia link above.

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