Pachelbel: Canon in D

Written in the late 1600’s for three violins and one cello, Pachelbel’s Canon in D has certainly withstood the test of time.

This rendition from Australia, a String Quartet, with three women and one man. Beautiful, on so many levels, if you are able to see and hear it… imbibe it even, while you still can.

Please try to overlook the fact that the continent was stolen from the aboriginal people who didn’t seem to be doing too much with it anyway, so that the English could have a place to put their criminals as far away from as possible. If that still makes you angry, don’t worry, I think the Chinese have now pretty much taken it over.

Enjoy, if you can…

6:57 – Stringspace String Quartet

Originally posted to Spacebook on 19 March 2020. To provide some context, I assume that those who read me on spacebook recognize my hyperbole for what it is. If you continue to read here, I hope you will grow to as well.

As an aside, I knew a man in West Texas many years ago who had served as an artillery man in the European theater in World War II. Neat guy, a well respected builder. He told me some of the truth of war. Out of curiosity, I asked who were the best soldiers. He said, “Besides the Germans? The Americans. The Australians could have been the best, except they spent more time fighting each other than the enemy.” Nothing to do with this, I just think it’s a fun story is all.

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