Monopoly – Stop Playing the Game

“The only way to stop playing a game is to stop.”
β€” Eric Berne, The Games People Play

I was the first of five children born in our family. As kids we would sometimes play Monopoly. Being the oldest I had an advantage in figuring out how to win. I was also the Banker.

As I would accumulate hotels I would often loan out money to keep others going. I knew in the end I was going to wind up with all of it anyway. Despite cumbersome rents I might appear to be their benefactor, while at the same time burying them hopelessly in debt.

As I grew up I was able to see the game for what it was. Zero-sum. This wasn’t Capitalism, it was Plutocracy. It was in fact exactly what it was called: MONOPOLY

All I ever needed to know about Modern Economics I learned as a child. At least as an adult I can choose to not play the game.

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