Let’s Trade with China…

I see where people In Hong Kong are waving the American flag in protest of the Chinese Communist government clamping down on their rights. It made me think that maybe all the “Liberals” over here who want Socialism so bad would love to go to China and see how they like the grown up version of it. We will take all the Chinese that want to come here. Asians are productive as hell, and don’t bitch. Their neighborhoods are clean, crime is low, and they don’t believe in welfare. They do believe in hard work, and families taking care of their own. China might be a good place to train a lot of our own young people today.

A few words of caution however… China is the most Nationalist and Racist country on the planet. They despise those they refer to as Baizuo — literally the “White/Left”. Compiled from over 400 respondents (in China), the term was defined as referring to those who are hypocritically obsessed with political correctness in order to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority, itself motivated from an ignorant and arrogant Western-centric worldview, who pity the rest of the world and think they are saviors.


It would be fun to watch some Baizuo ‘Missionaries’ dropped into China and told to go to work. Within one week they would experience either a major paradigm shift or a violent death. Send some (anti)-fascists [aka ‘Antifa’] with them and the violent deaths would only take 2-3 days.

Note as well that the Chinese have no place for religion or mental illness. Either one will get you put on a list to have your organs harvested, with hard labor in the meantime. Also, in spite of government regulations that call for a 44 hour work week, it is normal at many firms to work what is referred to as the “996” — which means 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days a week. There will be a lot less time to bitch about Trump. Oh, take note that you will be expected to learn their language, and they don’t care how you do things “in America.” Also, they openly make fun of fat people, which (once you learn the language) you may find either a great source of wit, or of deeply hurt feelings.

There is no health “insurance” in China, but you can see a doctor for less than $2, and get an MRI done within a week for about $75 — total. There’s not (yet) ten layers of profiteers making money by keeping people sick over there. And they are aghast that any country would put such a poisonous toxin in their drinking water as hexafluorosilicic acid*. I certainly agree with them on that.

Just some thoughts. I got to get back to work.

*A sidenote that most of the fluoride put in our water comes from China. It is an incredibly toxic waste product that they are thrilled to be able to SELL to the United States instead of having to otherwise dispose of it.

originally posted to spacebook on 13 Aug 2019

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